Master Planning
A useful process for assisting an owner with more extensive land tracts or several acres. Master Planning assess the strengths and weaknesses of the property as an entire entity.  Using this information, we can then define an approach to developing a cohesive plan for the overall development of the property.

Breaks down the owner’s needs into specific spaces and defines appropriate sizes for the spaces.  Programming helps define and implement organization strategies for the design of the building project.

Building Code Review
The process of ensuring the design complies with current state and local building and life safety codes.

Architectural Design
The process our team uses to develop a solution to meet the client's programmatic expectations in a functional, efficient way while using materials, colors, and massing to create an aesthetically pleasing design.

Interior Design
Focuses on the use of lighting, colors, finishes, and furnishings to create innovative and stimulating environments in which the users can effectively perform their respective duties.

Coordination of Consulting Engineers
The development of construction documents is essential to each project.  The integration of civil, structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, security, fire protection, IT, and specialty systems demand each consultant respect the system space requirements and component routing needs of other consultants.  As lead coordinator, we make sure each consultant has adequate space for their systems to be designed and installed in a way that is accessible and efficient for the owner to maintain after the project occupied.

Bidding Solicitations and Negotiations
Achieved in a variety of delivery methods, such as soliciting traditional bids, design/build, and the construction management approach.  Our firm works successful with each type of project delivery method.  We have an excellent working relationship with many of the general contractors and subcontractors available to Northeast Arkansas.

Construction Observation
During construction, we visit the site at appropriate intervals to observe the construction and verify that the project and all its systems are constructed in accordance with the construction documents and the Owner-Contractor agreement.  We review product submittals and shop drawings before their installation to confirm that the products proposed by each involved contractor and material supplier meet the requirements outlined in the project specifications manual issued as part of the construction documents. 

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