Why Churches WOrk With Us:

When churches strive to provide the best environments, technology, lighting, temperature, acoustics, seating, equipment, and teaching resources, they offer a unique value to their communities. This emphasis on practical design to meet their congregations’ needs has a positive influence on community leaders and organizations while improving the quality of life for community residents.

CahoonSteiling | Architecture has had the pleasure and humble responsibility of working with churches of various sizes, worship styles, and denominations/non-denominations in Northeast Arkansas, guiding them through a design process to develop a solution that meets each church's unique requirements. Also, we maintain relationships with specialty consultants to assist in accommodating each client’s specific needs regarding acoustics, lighting, seating, and temperature controls.

Other design issues, such as wayfinding, security, access from parking, maintenance, cleanliness, and worship style and teaching style preferences have a significant impact on the completed environment. The design solution and the approach to resolving these issues, and many more, have a dramatic effect on the perception of the church for regular attendees, guests, and the community as a whole.